April 7, 2022

Making Peace with Your Cycle with Megan Rempel


Whole Motherhood with Hilary Barnett
Whole Motherhood with Hilary Barnett
Making Peace with Your Cycle with Megan Rempel

4/7/22- I talk to Megan Rempel about understanding your menstrual cycle through a new lens. We talk about tapping into your cycle rhythms to truly make the most of each phase, and learning to adjust your nutrition, movement, and productivity during each one.

Megan is a Registered Nurse with a certificate through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Women’s Hormonal Health, a health coach, and a cycle syncing expert. Her mission is to help other women discover that life can actually be easier, IF they tap into the magic that we’ve had inside us all along – our monthly cycle. Her own journey from overwhelmed and exhausted mom of 4 to gaining back control of her life through simple and effective things like cycle syncing is what fuels her passion to help women get out of survival mode and find ease and joy in their lives.

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