Your healing matters. Because mothers who are healing are mothers who will change the world.

Join me as I explore the intersection of motherhood, healing, and vocation.

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“Every woman who heals herself, heals her children’s children.”

Liezel Graham

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August 16, 2021

A Quick Guide to Making Work More Enjoyable

Choosing to simplify at home can feel like a daunting task a first, but once you begin, you notice the positive effects that seem to ripple through every area of your life. The one place that can be a bit more challenging, however, is work. We often have very different expectations and constraints in our […]

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August 8, 2021

What Mothering Taught Me About Adventure

Adventure—the word may just be my favorite in the entire English language. When I hear it, my whole body lights up with excitement. My mind is flooded with the most wonderful images- road trips, beautiful vistas, unknown bends in the trail, delicious food, and the sense that everything around me is new and pulsating with […]

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August 1, 2021

Helpful Tips to Simplify Your Weekend

Weekends. They have quite the allure, don’t they? Thanks to the standard American work week, weekends have become the window of time in which we place all of our hopes and expectations for not only recreation, but relaxation, quality time with family, and dare I say it, self-actualization through the completion of various projects. Whether […]

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What if, instead of spending all day consuming someone else’s opinions, another influencer’s recommendations, or more “thought leaders” thoughts, you could get comfortable with the voice that is drowned out the most- your own?

What if that little girl is inside you is screaming, but she can’t be heard above the din? What if she has a message that you desperately need to hear?

The Mindful Mama – Practicing Peace in Uncertainty

Download this free 10-day mindfulness guide today to create space to listen. To yourself, to your Creator. It will be worth every minute.

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